Brett Kuxhausen

Hailing from the heartland of rural America, I grew up loving stories. I can’t get enough of films, books, music, sports, even a good billboard can stop me cold (it’s OK, I pull off onto the shoulder). Neverland has always been my habitat. But after earning a BS degree in biological sciences, and later a MFA in Science and Natural Filmmaking, I found stories I needed to tell.

There’s no doubt that storytelling, specifically visual media, wields a power to heal in the Age of the Anthropocene. What I film and photograph is my effort to use a universal language to contribute a positive change towards conservation and people.

In the few years I have been working professionally, I have independently filmed and produced a variety of pieces for clients such as National Geographic WILD/RED Digital Cinema, The National Science Foundation, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Ocean Media Institute. Currently, I am lead cinematographer and field producer for the media unit of Mozambique's flagship conservation area, Gorongosa National Park. Here, I work on feature-length films, television specials, and short-form videos for institutions such as National Geographic, PBS, The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Mozambique national television.

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