Brett Kuxhausen

Hailing from the heartland of rural America, Neverland has always been my true habitat. I grew up obsessed with stories; films, books, music, sports, even a good billboard can stop me cold. But after earning a BS degree in biological sciences, and later a MFA in Science and Natural Filmmaking, I found the stories I wanted to tell.

It feels like our planet is in the end-times. But, there’s no doubt that storytelling, specifically visual media, wields a power to heal in the Age of the Anthropocene. What I film and photograph is my effort to use a universal language to contribute a positive change towards wildlife and environmental conservation.

In the few years I have been working professionally, I have independently filmed and produced a variety of video pieces for clients such as National Geographic WILD/RED Digital Cinema, PBS NOVA, The National Science Foundation, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Ocean Media Institute. Currently, I am lead cinematographer and field producer for the media unit of Mozambique's flagship conservation area, Gorongosa National Park. Here, I have made feature-length films, television specials, and short-form videos for institutions such as National Geographic, PBS, The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Mozambique national television. My photography has been featured in outlets such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Associated Press, and Nature scientific journal.

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